Event-manager-xBy default, Final Cut Pro X shows all mounted events and projects, at all times. Those of us used to working in a more project-focused NLE -- the kind that isolates one client's files from another's -- may want a bit more control over FCP X's management. This is where the new $4.99 app Event Manager X comes in. Here's the list of features:

While Apple provides a manual way to manage the visibility of Events and Projects within the Final Cut Pro X interface, it provides no way to keep track of Events or Projects that are on a drive that is not mounted, either deliberately or by accident.

  • Manage which Events and Projects are visible using simple checkboxes
  • Keep track of invisible (but mounted) Events and Projects
  • Keep track of unmounted Events and Projects
  • Check that all drives that hold needed Events are correctly mounted
  • Never suffer the embarrassment of an Event or Project showing to the wrong client

Event Manager X automates the process of managing Events and Projects. Underneath the interface it is doing exactly what Apple recommends, but more conveniently.

Here's a screenshot:


Check out the app if interested. It has been submitted to the app store, but until it's approved, you can get it through the link below for $4.99.

Link: Event Manager X