One of the reasons you hear so much about cameras on this site is not because cameras are all that important -- which camera you shoot on is only a tiny part of the decision-making that goes into making a film -- but because at no time in history has motion picture imaging changed so rapidly as right now. One of the ways it's changing most significantly is in the convergence between still and motion imaging, and RED is at the forefront with their DSMCs. Their latest news is that they will soon start shipping their Canon mount, and it brings a lot of firsts to the table for a serious motion picture camera.

First of all, if you're planning on using the same camera for stills as you are for feature films, suddenly that PL mount might not be optimal for all conditions. Movies typically use manual focus, stills typically use autofocus. Even though I have the Eg-S Super Precision Matte Focusing Screen installed in my 5D Mark II, when it comes to looking at a 21 megapixel image, I invariably discover that I still can't focus all that accurately with my primes. So it follows that it'd be nice to use Canon's proven autofocus lenses, complete with all of their features. From RED's Jarred Land, here are some details on the RED Canon mount, which has already been used by Vincent Laforet:

  • The Canon lens mount is "SMART" which means it controls camera Iris, Image Stabilization, and Autofocus electronically, via the various control options with EPIC ( touch screen, side handle, REDMOTE )
  • All lens data available from the lens will be stored in the R3D metadata. There is on screen displays for iris stop, focal length ( including zooms ) and the current focus distance in inches or mm.
  • Image Stabilization is functional on the entire stabilized lens lineup.
  • Deposits will open on RED.COM in the store in the next couple days. Price for the smart Titanium Canon mount is $2000.

There is a very long list of supported lenses in the thread, so serious Canon photographers should rejoice at the fact that their lenses will work on the EPIC. Until this lens mount comes out, the potential for the EPIC as a stills camera is severely limited; it's a big deal. As I said at the top of the post -- at no time in history has motion picture imaging changed so rapidly as right now (this includes, in addition to hybrid still/motion imaging, the increased resolution and sensitivity of digital motion picture cameras, 3D (both with and without glasses), and plenoptic imaging). Stay tuned!

Link: Everything you wanted to know about the EPIC Canon Mount - REDUSER