No Film School reader @truphtooph took to Twitter recently to offer up some reasons to back my campaign to make my first feature film, which ends tomorrow night. Man-child, I don't need to remind you, will raise nothing if the campaign falls short! Also, I had nothing to do with these tweets -- it was a simple act of unprompted generosity. My favorite reason of his has to do with [easyazon-link asin="0767846869"]American Movie[/easyazon-link] -- and what could happen if Man-child ends up sucking!


Here are his six reasons:




















Thank you for your support, Peter! And if you agree with any of these reasons but haven't joined over 1,700 others in backing my first feature, there are only hours left to join us! See you guys on the live stream Friday at 9PM Eastern here on the front page of No Film School -- or in person here in NYC!