Tumblr_ltlvfsr5xk1qz85ydo1_4001-224x170It's one thing to create a giant, body-ensconcing DSLR costume for halloween. It's another matter entirely, however, to make a human-sized DSLR -- a Nikon D3, in this case -- that actually works. Tyler Card did just that, as his DSLR costume comes with a working shutter release, flash, and LCD monitor. Yes, despite being made out of cardboard, a bucket, and a lot of black paint, it actually takes pictures and displays them on the (sizable) rear LCD screen. Good luck shooting without permits with this puppy! Here it is in action:

And here's how he did it:

I know what you're all wondering -- 1080p? 720p? What codec? Considering it's a Nikon, guys, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

[via Gizmodo]