2125949773-5-1-224x9721 Grams. Far from Heaven. In the Bedroom. One Hour Photo. Boys Don't Cry. American Splendor. I'm Not There. Happiness. Adventureland. The Ice Storm. These are just a few of the independent films produced by superproducers Ted Hope and Christine Vachon, and the two of them are banding together to share what they've learned with other producers and aspiring producers on Saturday, November 5, 2011 here in NYC. The masterclass focuses on the important stuff: "get your movie made, make it well, make it great, get it seen, and survive to do it all over again." They've also created a discount code for No Film School readers: "NoFilmSchooler125" will save you $25. For would-be indie producers, this is a must-attend workshop, and you couldn't pick a better pair of producers to learn from. Here are the full details:

The Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP), the nation's oldest and largest not-for-profit advocacy organization for independent filmmakers, has joined forces with indieWIRE, the leading news, information, and networking site for independent-minded filmmakers, to bring NYC the first ever stateside masterclass with Ted Hope and Christine Vachon, focusing on the practical advice and lessons they’ve learned from 25 years and over 100 films in the indie film business.

The veteran indie producers, whose films have won four Sundance Grand Jury Prizes, Critics’ prizes at Cannes, Emmy Awards, and earned loads of Oscar nominations, have previously shared the insights they’ve gained in an ever-changing field with sold out audiences of filmmakers in the UK and Scandinavia. Now they will be offering their knowledge to their hometown NYC filmmaking community. Cantor Film Center (36 E 8th St., New York, NY 10003) on Saturday, November 5 from 10am until 4pm.

Ted and Christine have discovered and nurtured many young directors. They’ve produced the first features of Todd Haynes, Ang Lee, Rose Troche, Mary Harron, Michel Gondry, this year’s Sundance Directing Prize-winner, Sean Durkin and many, many more. Beyond writing/directing talent, they have also mentored and helped build many top producers and executives.

Hope and Vachon will focus on how to get your movie made, how to make it well and make it great, how to get it seen, and how to survive to do it all over again. And again. And again. And again. The Film industry’s creative and business sectors are at an intersection of great possibility – learn how to tap into and exploit these shifting paradigms.

“Traveling the world with Christine discussing the future of film has been a great experience—we’ve gotten to meet and talk to the folks who will be making the good work and leading the industry in the future” says Hope.

“We’ve learned so much from the participants and the response has be been particularly gratifying – even if the sound of Ted’s voice can be grating” adds Vachon.

Hope and Vachon have established themselves as innovative leaders of the independent film industry and community, touring the world discussing the future of film, and engaging directly with audiences via social media. Both teach in New York University’s graduate film program and write extensively on the state of cinema – Vachon is the author of two Los Angeles Times Best Sellers: A Killer Life: How An Independent Producer Survives Deals And Disasters In Hollywood And Beyond (Simon and Schuster, 2006); and Shooting To Kill: How An Independent Producer Blasts Through The Barriers To Make Movies That Matter (Avon, 1998). Hope is the only active filmmaker with a daily column in one of the film industry’s major trade publications, indieWIRE, and he is recognized by leading social media analytics as one of the most influential people in terms of “independent film.”

In the early 90’s, American Independent Film burst on the media scene with the promise of new visions, new stories, and new approaches. Hope and Vachon were among the first producers to emerge from the pack and are two of the very few still delivering vital and exciting work today. They have produced over 100 films combined and have received some of the industry’s most prestigious honors, each having led companies honored with tributes at the Museum of Modern Art.

Link: IFP and indieWIRE present: KILLER/HOPE -- A Masterclass with Ted Hope and Christine Vachon (use code "NoFilmSchooler125" for $25 off)