Redscarletxcropfactors-125x69Anyone considering the RED SCARLET-X camera should check out this great thread at REDUSER by Phil Holland, which takes a look at the crop factors and datarates of the SCARLET-X. Below is a great visualization of the various crop factors; keep in mind the SCARLET-X shoots in a slightly "windowed" 4K, so your lenses will take on a slightly narrower field of view than the true 5K EPIC (though this window is still, for all intents and purposes, Super35 -- the EPIC at 5K is actually larger than S35):


Phil also posts other useful charts, detailing for example that a single $1,1800 128GB SSD stores 46 minutes of 4k footage, and that a lens that yields a 50mm field of view on a full frame sensor is an 80mm equivalent on the SCARLET-X thanks to the crop factor of 1.6X (at 4K). Very helpful for planning... for example, you're going to want some wide-angle lenses for the SCARLET, especially if you plan on shooting at high speeds (when other cameras drop resolution, they typically use the full sensor size, unlike the RED's "windowed" mode at higher frame rates).

Link: Scarlet X Data Sheet - REDUSER

[thanks, Matt B]