I missed a lot of new DSLR and video gear over the last few weeks, so let's do a roundup:

Letus Master Cinema Series

Shane Hurlbut and Letus launched their Master Cinema Series of DSLR cages and accessories. I'm excited about the shoulder rig, given it's not as long and unwieldy as many, and that Shane designed it to mimic an ARRI 235 in terms of handling. I should have my hands on a demo unit soon to test with a RED SCARLET. Here's FreshDV's coverage:

Cinevate Fall Sale

Cinevate is running a number of Fall Specials:

There's up to $150 in savings available to US and Canada via direct sales or through any reseller. The rebates are for our popular items, including our Atlas sliders, Simplis DSLR rigs, Cyclops and Durus Follow Focus.

Wordpress Filmmaker Theme

The Wordpress Filmmaker Theme is a Wordpress (which this site runs on) theme designed to get a film-specific website up and running without having to hire designers and developers.

LockCircle LockPort

LockCircle released the LockPort5 and LockPort7 for, respectively, the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D. The LockPorts interface with the Redrock Micro DSLR Baseplate to pro-ify the notoriously finnicky HDMI ports. Features:

  • Fits the RedRock Micro DSLR Baseplate with original screws and pads.
  • Saves the “expensive to repair” mini HDMI port on your 5D camera.
  • Full-Size HDMI output allows you to use stronger standard cables.
  • Standard size HDMI plugs locks securely in the socket – no signal loose!
  • 90° FRONT or REAR output editions.
  • Gold plated contacts.
  • Rock solid clamp.
  • Better cable layout on your rig set-up.
  • Fits the RedRock Micro DSLR Baseplate with original screws and pads.
  • Instant reverse output direction set-up.

Light Craft Workshop Coupon

Light Craft Workshop has a coupon on their Facebook Page good until December 1st for 10% off their Fader ND, Fader ND 4X4, USB Camera Controller, and Support Rigs through their online store.


ikan Stealth ENG and Universal Audio One

ikan released the Stealth-ENG Canon XF305 camcorder shoulder mount and Universal Audio One on-set audio field mixer bag.

Kickstarter:EZ-Steady DSLR Camera Stabilizer

Kyle Hart is running a Kickstarter campaign for his $225 EZ-Steady stabilizer:

Vimeo Perks

Vimeo launched Vimeo Perks, a flash sale microsite for active Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Pro subscribers. There are a bunch of deals from B&H Photo, Red Giant Software, Kessler Crane, and more...

DISCLOSURE: Cinevate, Light Craft Workshop, and ikan are currently NFS sponsors.