Rodney-charters-twitter-224x80Rodney Charters needs no introduction (he's best known as the DP of 24), and along with Drew Gardner and Lan Bui he recently got his hands on the Canon C300. The camera is absolutely the post-DSLR camera of the moment in the sense that it uses the DSLR form factor in a way that the Sony F3 does not, and also in the sense that it is convenient like a DSLR in a way that the RED SCARLET is not. But "camera of the decade?" Sure, if the decade was 2000-2010. 2010-2020... I'm not so sure. Here are their very informal behind-the-scenes videos:

As I said, these are very informal BTS videos; the second video, below, is just a ustream live broadcast. But when Charters is involved, it's a nice opportunity to see and hear the thoughts of a Hollywood DP.

Similar to the RED SCARLET/EPIC, the C300 does not have XLR audio inputs on the body itself (these cameras are getting so small that there's no room), but unlike the SCARLET the C300 does ship with its own XLR adapter (Wooden Camera's A-Box is currently the best XLR audio option for RED DSMCs).

Here's the stream archive:

You'll note they throw around the possibility of the camera getting down to the "magical" number of $10k, possibly by not including the monitor and XLR audio adapter -- a move that is reminiscent of RED. As Charters says, "sound is a separate event."

[via NinoFilm]