Nikon-d4-video-224x124So the just-announced Nikon D4 features an uncompressed HDMI output. This means you can take a wonderfully capable still camera, hook it up to an external recorder, and now you have an uncrippled video camera with a full-frame sensor. Pretty damn appealing! I found this 7-minute video on YouTube and haven't seen any other information about it, so I'm not sure if external recorders were used, but go ahead and click "1080p" and enjoy the first Nikon D4 video:

Some of it looks herky-jerky, but I would chalk that up to high shutter speeds. And the highlights are sometimes blown-out, which makes me wonder about flatter picture profiles... but that's getting ahead of ourselves. The first thing many of us want to do when getting our hands on a DSLR to shoot video is to turn down the sharpness and contrast. But even without being able to do that (yet), one thing's for sure: viewing it at 1080p, I couldn't spot any aliasing problems anywhere, even on a shot with horizontal lines like this:


What about you guys -- initial reactions?