Diydays-665x300-224x101DIY Days is "a roving gathering for those who create" -- a free conference open to anyone (space is limited, however). DIY Days (which has traveled to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Philadelphia in the past) will be returning to New York City on March 3rd, and the full program was just announced. DIYD is the brainchild of Lance Weiler and includes many interesting workshops this year, including one by yours truly. Check out the full schedule and come on down if you're in town! Here's my workshop, Building a valuable relationship with your audience (4:15-5pm):

If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there... you know the saying. Similarly, if you create work and no one sees it... are you achieving your goals? This workshop will focus on building an audience online, as well as deriving value and meaning from that relationship. Despite the proliferation of digital tools to CREATE work, it’s often a mystery as to how best CONNECT and BUILD an audience for your work. We’ll take a look at all of the different methods of making yourself accessible in a connected age — Facebook, Twitter, and some less obvious choices — and we’ll see which ones work (and which ones don’t). Ryan will draw from his experiences building his website, No Film School, which two years after launch is currently averaging 750,000 pageviews a month. He will also share analytics from his $125,000 Kickstarter campaign to make his first feature film, Man-child. His goal is to arm you with a plan for building a long-term, mutually-beneficial, self-sustaining relationship with an always-growing audience.

The overall format is slightly different this year, but the following video is still a great primer to the event:

I'm not sure what the conference has planned in terms of streams and archives of the various presentations, but if there's a way to share not only my workshop but many others, you can bet I'll post them here. Regardless, I will also concoct some sort of feature post for No Film School as I gather my various notes! For now, if you're in New York, check out the conference (it's free but space is limited).

Link: DIY Days