5dmark3_back_real-224x157From French user Trankilstef in our comments section, it looks like those specs and photos that were posted were official (only minor possible discrepancies). There is a scan from a French magazine showing a complete review of the new Canon 5D Mark III, but from looking at the specs it is clear that the video features are improved from the Canon 5D Mark II.


These are the updated video specs taken from the scan here:

  • Full HD 30fps
  • ALL-I or IPB
  • ISO 100-25,600 standard
  • ISO 50-102,400 extended
  • Mini-HDMI, Microphone and Headphone ports

As I had discussed earlier, the 5D Mark III will have the same new video recording options as the Canon 1DX. ALL-I refers to the intraframe codec that will produce much, much better results than what is currently offered from the Canon DSLRs, and it also seems that's as close to uncompressed as we are going to get. Intraframe is a fantastic recording option because each frame is compressed individually, unlike the IPB interframe codec which uses P and B frames to compress along a group of pictures.

Many of you wanted 1080 60p, but it doesn't look like we are getting it in this camera - 720 60p is still likely. Since the $16,000 Canon C300 does not have it, it makes sense that the $3,500 Canon 5D Mark III does not have it. It looks like the native ISO will go up to 25,600, but still not sure if this will change when we get into video mode. Again, I'm not really sure why they would be different - unless they want to limit the very highest ISOs from being used in video mode for heat reasons.

We've got the new Headphone port on this camera, which is a welcome addition, and audio monitoring will certainly be improved over the 5D Mark II. The last big addition would be clean HDMI, but I am not holding my breath on that one.

I'll be updating as soon as we have an official announcement, so for those looking for commentary on the official release, you can find it here immediately following the full Canon announcement.

[via user Trankilstef]