Free is always a good thing - unless it's not really free. Not the case here! David Fulde released today a series of video assets with various film light leak effects. Originally they were to be used with a Creative Commons license, but David has decided to just release them free and clear. It seems like they'll work well as a quick way to add a nice little film effect to your video. Check out the light leaks below and a sample video using them.

A sample of the light leak assets:

This is a video uploaded by David showing the light leaks in action:

Here is David's recommendation for applying these to your footage:

P.S.: to add this footage to your shots, pop them into your NLE and place it on top of your footage and change the blending mode to “Screen”.

There are plenty of uses for these light leak assets, but you certainly can't go wrong with free. If you like them, and use them in a video, be sure to thank David and send the results to his twitter account (@DavidJfulde). It's interesting that the more we get away from using film, the more we want actual film effects in our videos! I know that fashion videos and commercials love using light leaks so if you've got a similar video that needs some help, check these out. The download link is below in our links section.

If anyone is using and likes any other free digital video assets, let us know in the comments so other people in the community can try them out.

Link: David Fulde & Light Leaks Download