SmallHD is one of the younger display companies at NAB, but that doesn't mean their products are low-quality. They are introducing a beautiful 1280 x 800 7" screen that takes advantage of OLED technology to produce the richest colors you've ever seen on a monitor. They've got two versions that cost exactly the same, $2,700, but the other monitor uses a super-bright LCD to make viewing in daytime much simpler. I had a talk with Dale Backus from SmallHD, and he introduced both monitors and the Port Protector in the video below.

I currently own a DP6 (for full disclosure), but it's really great to watch a company maturing like SmallHD has over the last couple years. Here are a few specs for both DP7 models:

  • 1280 x 800
  • 7" Screen size
  • 1.2 Pounds
  • 8-bit
  • Inputs: SDI, HDMI, YpBpr, Composite, 10-20v DC and Hirose 4-pin Connector, Stereo line in, Mini-USB, Battery input, Molex Connector for battery plates, Full-size SD Card slot
  • Outputs: SDI, HDMI, YpBpr, Composite, 1/8" Mini Headphone Output
  • Cost: $2,700

One really interesting aspect is the proximity sensor on the LCD version of the DP7, because it will try to detect your hands and intelligently menu-assist. The people at SmallHD assured me that they had built an entire software platform inside the monitor that they can do whatever they want with - this basically means they can upgrade firmware and add all sorts of features that didn't exist before.

Link: SmallHD DP7

Check out some photos below: