Zeiss has officially updated it's CP.2 line of lenses, adding a cinema version of it's newly announced 15mm ZF and ZE still primes, as well as a very fast 135mm telephoto lens. Both lenses are incredible pieces of craftsmanship for the amount of money you're paying, and as always with the CP.2 lenses, they have interchangeable mounts which include PL, EF, F, MFT and E. Speaking of Swiss Army Knife lenses, if you can afford it, these are really the most compatible lenses out there, and the custom back mounts will do a much better job giving a solid hold than an adapter.

Here's the video partially introducing them for NAB 2012:

A little tidbit from their press release:

The Compact Prime CP.2 15/T2.9 incorporates two aspheric lenses and special types of glass material with abnormal partial dispersion to provide an extraordinary correction of chromatic aberration. Even on cameras with full-frame sensors, the image remains razor sharp out to the edges and details are recorded in the highest resolution. On cameras with smaller sensors the new Compact Prime CP.2 15/T2.9 lens also provides a super wide angle of view. The Compact Prime CP.2 15/T2.9 weighs only 900 grams (1.98lbs).

It's actually impressive how long their press release is for the introduction of these two lenses - and they have some amazingly high-quality photos for both of these lenses there (that figures since they are a lens company, right?). Compared to a full frame camera like the 5D Mark III, the 15mm will look like a 22.5mm lens on a camera like the Sony FS100 (1.5x Crop at 1080p) and 24mm on a camera like the RED Scarlet (1.6x Crop at 4K). It's hard to find many lenses out there with this build quality, this focal length, and this speed - and the same goes for the 135mm. The 135mm lens at T/2.1 and with a 14 blade iris should provide for some beautiful bokeh.

Both lenses are coming in at $5700, which is a hefty price tag, but if you've already bought into the CP.2s, these should be color matched with the others. It's also always a great rental option if money allows, as this is one of the cheaper complete PL prime sets out there, from 15mm all the way to 135mm.

Link: Carl Zeiss Press Release: CP.2 15/T2.9 and 135/T2.1

[via AbelCine and Stefan Gier]