Adobe-cs6-launch-preorder-224x224So you bought a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 6 or downloaded it via Creative Cloud. Where do you start? Well, Adobe has a slew of videos on their website to introduce you to the changes in the Premiere Pro and After Effects interfaces, and to show you how the new features in CS6 work. Here are some of my favorites:

The new features and interfaces in SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro look pretty slick, but what really grabbed my attention was the new Variable Mask Feathering feature in After Effects. This is something I've wanted in an effects program for a while. In the past when I've needed a mask with edges of varying sharpness, I ended up making multiple masks with different feather values that I would have to animate individually. If any of you have had to do this before, you know it is beyond tedious and can make for a cluttered work space. This feature looks like it will make working with masks faster, less cluttered, hopefully a little less tedious, and blend more seamlessly into a scene.

The Global Performance Cache is another great improvement. Having a system of intelligent rendering instead of having to re-render entire sequences after making minor changes is going to be a huge timesaver.

What do you think of the new features in CS6? If you've just started using CS6, what are your first impressions?


NOTE: Most of the videos play fine, but there are a few that won't load for some reason

[Via Pro Video Coalition and Notes on Video]