Tenba-shoulder-bag-e1336103792359-224x184Many have learned the hard way that camera bags can be a major target. If you travel frequently and are looking for a bag that is very unassuming and provides excellent protection for valuable gear, Tenba recently announced two new additions to their lineup: a shoulder bag and a traditional backpack. These bags are part of their Roadie II collection. Both were introduced at NAB 2012 and I was able to get a walk-through of both bags from Peter Waisnor.

Peter Waisnor from MAC Group:

Though slightly unnecessary, the cup holders are a nice addition. I'm not sure how often I'd be putting anything spill-able near thousands of dollars of equipment, but as long as it was sealed well, I guess it's possible the drink holders could come in handy. The best parts of these bags is the fact that they don't look like they would have camera gear. The backpack specifically looks just like a hiking bag, but obviously has necessary and useful compartments that a regular backpack wouldn't have. A nice touch is the way that the gear is only accessible from the strap side of the bag - so if you're wearing it, pickpockets can't get at the cameras or lenses tucked inside.

Both bags were designed for travelers in mind, but they should work great even if you're not. The shoulder bag and backpack will retail for $280 and $300, respectively, and both will be shipping June 1st.

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