Bronson-watermarkerEver need to send out copies of your screenplay to several people at once, but want each of them to know that your screenplay is for their eyes only? Maybe you're having a staged reading of a work-in-progress, but don't want to current draft to drift beyond the confines of the reading. Or maybe you're an assistant at a production company who needs to share a script with talent and other producers, but who also needs to keep it under wraps. Earlier this year, John August and his team at Quote-Unquote Apps, Nima Yousefi and Ryan Nelson, launched Bronson Watermarker at the Mac App Store to do just that and more. Check out this video for more details about Bronson Watermarker:

Like the births of Highland and Fountain from Quote-Unquote, John August had a specific problem -- namely, watermarking several individual scripts quickly -- and couldn't find an app or utility on the market to solve that problem. So, he designed the solution himself and had Yousefi code it and Nelson provide graphics. Since its initial release in January, Bronson Watermarker now handles watermarking several image types, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and JPEG2000, not just PDF files.

Users can drag and drop PDFs and images onto Bronson Watermarker's interface, choose the style and placement of their watermark, copy and paste a list of recipient names, and with one click, create several personalized watermarked files all at once. With the most recent update in May, the app now remembers the watermark list of names between launches. For extra protection, users can choose "Deep Burn" for PDFs to turn every page into an image with the watermark permanently embedded. For images, the "Line Burn" option provides similar extra protection, and you can even resize images in Bronson Watermarker.

You can try out a free demo of Bronson Watermarker from the Quote-Unquote Apps website or download the complete app for $9.99 at the Mac App Store.

Oh, and like Highland and Fountain, Bronson is named after a street in Hollywood, in case you were wondering.

Do you find Bronson Watermarker useful? What are some ways you would use this watermarking tool? Let us know.