Couldn't Make It to Cine Gear 2012? FreshDV Has the Low Down on What's New

Wondering what new filmmaking tools were on display at Cine Gear 2012? Our friends over at FreshDV were there to cover the expo, and have posted videos on the newest gear from Cinevate, Kino Flo, Hive, Kessler, and many others. Check out their first 7 videos on their Vimeo playlist (with more videos to be added to the playlist today and tomorrow):

Some very interesting developments indeed! I thought the CueMaster was a particularly interesting rig (more freedom of movement and no more sore arms for boom operators!), and I liked the level of customization that Kino Flo included in their LED panel.

What do you all think of the new equipment shown at Cine Gear 2012?

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The Cuemaster looks like a good solution for getting good sound on location or small stages. Here's the JL Fisher Model 2 Boom on a Model 3 Base. This is the most seen boom system on Hollywood stages, and the Cuemaster looks like it will be a good replacement for the low budget film maker.

Solid Camera's rig for the Sony FS100 and FS 700 makes the stuff from ZacutoRock look like toys. Too bad they didn't show this, it would be of more interest to the NFS audience.

And no coverage of K5600's new Joker 1600 HMI or Alpha 1600 HMI the most powerful HMIs that can be plugged into a 15 amp circuit.

June 8, 2012 at 9:58PM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM