While there has been some interesting debate about the future of filmmaking (higher frame rates vs. 3D), Peter Jackson has been busy shooting The Hobbit in 3D on RED Epics at 48fps. They've had some wonderful behind-the-scenes production videos that are not only fascinating for their in-depth look at the continuation of The Lord of the Rings series, but also give some insight into the way in which real sets function. It's not always clear exactly what certain positions actually do when you're watching the credits of a film, but in this seventh production video, we're taken on the lot for The Hobbit, and get to see many of these important positions performing their duties.

The Hobbit: Production Video #7:

Rather than just reading about some of the more specialized positions in the credits, it's fascinating to get to see many of them in action and in their element. A movie that's working with hundreds of crew members takes amazing amounts of organization to pull off, and it's essential that everyone knows their role to make things move smoothly (though we also know this isn't limited to big sets -- smaller sets need to be organized as well). It's not often that there are 11 Assistant Directors working on a project, but that just gives you an idea of the massive scale of this film. If you haven't seen the other production videos that Peter Jackson has posted, you should do so now at his Facebook page at the link below.

Link: The Hobbit Production Videos - Peter Jackson - Facebook