Phantom-miro-high-speed-challenge-224x130High quality slow motion is finally in the hands of the masses thanks to Sony's new FS700, but if you're looking for the ultimate slow motion camera, it's probably going to have the name Phantom in front of it. Vision Research's Phantom cameras are synonymous with slow motion, and we're not talking hundreds of frames per second -- many are capable of thousands of frames per second. Now, you have an opportunity to not only make a short film with one, but possibly win your very own Phantom Miro M320S package (capable of 1,540 fps at 1080p) worth tens of thousands of dollars thanks to Vision Research and AbelCine. Check out the details of the competition below.


This is what they're looking for in the competition:

Proposals for Miro projects will be judged on their creativity, unique use of ultra high-speed and relevance to the distinctive features of the camera. The goal is to create high-speed imagery we haven’t seen before (balloon pops need not apply). This challenge is open to image-makers and artists from all disciplines, and we strongly encourage new and aspiring content producers to submit their ideas. Applications must be submitted by September 16, 2012 using our online form, which also has complete details on the submission package. Completed projects should be 3-6 minutes in length, and shot entirely on the Miro; however, the entire piece does not need to be in high-speed.

Here's what you can win:

AbelCine and Vision Research challenge you to create a piece of work that showcases the camera’s unique capabilities. Four finalists will be selected to receive training and one week with a complete Miro M320S package to put their ideas into motion.

To further inspire you, one Grand Prize Winner will be awarded a brand new Phantom Miro M320S package courtesy of Vision Research. Additional prizes, consisting of AbelCine rental certificates with a combined value of over $10,000, will be awarded to the 2nd place winner and runners-up.

Competitions like this are always interesting, but rarely do they give away such expensive gear. While some competitions are looking for people to immediately produce work, this challenge is seeking a proposal from prospective filmmakers. If you are one of the four filmmaking teams chosen to make a project, this is what you'll receive:

  • Training by AbelCine Camera Specialists
  • Use of a complete Miro M320S package for one week.
  • The package, as awarded, will consist of:
  1. Phantom Miro M320S Camera in PL, EOS or F lens mount
  2. Choice of at least two lenses (subject to need & availability)
  3. Phantom CineFlash Reader/Dock
  4. CineFlash memory modules (subject to availability)
  5. PCU Control Unit
  6. Electronic Viewfinder
  7. Power supplies, cables and incidental accessories
  8. Additional accessories will be available at a discounted rate
  • Technical support for data off-load (Post-production must be arranged by the production team)
  • Promotion of their work on a dedicated portal and through AbelCine & Vision Research’s social media channels

Finalists will be required to chronicle their behind-the-scenes about using the camera, but it's a small price to pay for the chance to win such a powerful camera. To see the rest of the important dates and find out more information about the challenge, head on over to AbelCine's site.

[via AbelCine]