Looking to add some new music to your filmmaking arsenal? Neumann Films is giving away a free music or sound element track every day for the month of July. All of the tracks being released in the Daily Freebie project are "100% Royalty Free and ready to use in any commercial/non commercial work as long as credit is given as follows (Luke Neumann – “Track Name Here”)." Here are a couple of samples of the music that has been released thus far:

In addition to this daily orchestral goodness, Neumann also has made available 5 different versions of his Painted Hills track, also for free with attribution. And if you're looking for more music and sound elements check out The Trailer Toolbag which "features over 275 songs, rises, intros, drum hits, climaxes, sound design elements, and much more," all for a mere $40.

Link: Neumann Films - Daily Freebie