Final-draft-writer-ipadFor those of you out there using Final Draft 8 who have looked elsewhere to find mobile screenwriting solutions for your iPad, you will have to look no further on September 4. Final Draft has announced the company is (finally) releasing its long-awaited Final Draft Writer App for iPad on September 4 via the iTunes App Store (sorry, Android users, you're still outta luck). Here are a few of the features of Final Draft Writer according to the company newsletter:

  • Transfer scripts from desktop to iPad (via email according to Final Draft website, presumably also via Dropbox like the Final Draft Reader app)
  • Create new Final Draft (.fdx) scripts and edit existing (.fdx) scripts
  • Same Tab and Enter navigation as desktop application
  • Create and share ScriptNotes
  • Same SmartType functionality as desktop application
  • Accurate production script pagination and display

In addition to these features, Final Draft's website has also promised more Writer app attributes beyond the newsletter announcement, including:

  • Character highlighting for table reads, auditions, and character development
  • Quick scene and page navigation with a touch slider
  • AirPrint support
  • Automatic bookmarking of last page read
  • Search and replace functionality

So, how is this different from the Final Draft Reader app currently available? Basically, you can now create and edit your .fdx files on your iPad. Otherwise, the apps look about the same. Pricing wasn't announced, but since the Reader app currently sells for $9.99 at the iTunes App Store, expect to pay a few more bucks (perhaps somewhere in the $14.99 range) for the Writer app. If Final Draft really wanted to build goodwill among its existing customers, it would be great if they would offer a discount to customers who already bought the Reader app. Logistically, this may not be feasible (or even possible).

Don't want to wait until September 4? Check out Celtx or Fade In for both iOS and Android writing apps, and see how these screenwriting applications match up against other inexpensive screenwriting options.

Is Final Draft Writer the iPad app you've been waiting for? Do you already use other solutions to write and edit your scripts on your mobile devices? Let us know in the Comments.

Links: Final Draft newsletter and Writer App product page