Red Giant - PluralEyes 3PluralEyes has been around for quite some time, and with the increasing popularity of DSLRs and recording dual-system sound, it's been a necessity. Even though newer NLEs like Final Cut Pro X (and not Premiere Pro, unfortunately) have the ability to sync audio, a third-party application like PluralEyes should be able to do it faster and more efficiently, and that's certainly the claim made by Red Giant about the new PluralEyes version 3. This is the first version of PluralEyes since Red Giant acquired the software, so it will be interesting to see what direction it takes from here. Click through for the introduction video from Red Giant:

Here are the new features in PluralEyes 3:

  • Serious Speed Boost - Syncs in seconds. Version 3 is 20x faster than Plural Eyes 2. Seriously.
  • New UI and Timeline – Have more confidence with a timeline and visual feedback. Users can identify problems before they happen, and watch the sync occur in real time. But don’t blink, because it will happen FAST!
  • Test and tweak - New quality control options like Two-Up View and Snap to Sync, along with a visual timeline.
  • Get sync functionality in one place - Red Giant’s integration of DualEyes functionality has created a standalone PluralEyes application, taking audio/video syncing out of the NLEs and into its own consolidated work environment. The new standalone application supports a broad range of filmmaking workflows including native DSLR, along with other cameras, file formats and codecs. More info HERE.
  • All Hosts and OS’s for One Price - Previously, you purchased PluralEyes by host app. But… As a part of our Red Pledge, when you purchase PluralEyes 3, you get it for ALL host applications supported by PE3 – not just one. And PE3supportsa lot of apps! Users get exactly what they need with one simplified purchase.

Some other specifics:

  • New: $200 (includes ALL supported host apps)
  • Upgrade: $80 – for ANY previous PluralEyes or DualEyes customer
  • Student Version: $100
  • As a part of our Red Pledge Guarantee, customers who bought PluralEyes 3 AFTER 3/17/2012 will get a FREE UPGRADE to PluralEyes 3. A coupon code will be emailed to you shortly.
  • Mac only. Support for Windows and other host applications is coming – PluralEyes 3 owners will get a free update, when released.

Red Giant also released this short film which used multiple cameras and was synced in seconds with the new software:

Making of:

To get started with PluralEyes 3, Red Giant has released a number of videos that show off the capabilites with most of the major NLEs:

Is that enough videos for one post? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I've always had good experiences with PluralEyes, and the new version seems to taking syncing to a whole other level. What used to take an hour should only take minutes, or even seconds, so there is a reason to explore using a third-party option instead of just using what is built-in to your system. If you're not making videos all the time, though, the software may not be that useful, but I know for the few projects I've used it on, it has literally been a life-saver.

Head on over to Red Giant using the link below to get the software.