Cinemecanix-rig-for-filming-with-2-cameras-at-the-same-time-224x159Every once in a while I see a filmmaking product, and I can't help but think "why didn't I think of that?" due to the genius in the simplicity. Well, today is one of those days. Take a look at the new Cinemecanix C1-PRO-RIG, a two-level rig that allows you to film with two cameras simultaneously. See it in action in the video below.


[Update]: Apparently the video is not showing the real intended purpose of the rig:

Well, as some of you might have thought... This was done as a joke... Could work in certain situations, of course pulling focus on a 16mm lens after 3 feet is useless as you are at infinity. Never mind this rig is perfectly balanced and you can film anything from a red One, epic, anything you can throw at it.
The main reason for this rig is to get your camera steady and also behaving like a heavier cam. Freeing your hands to focus, but most importantly to follow the rythm of what you are filming, having 100% of your brain concentrating on framing and not struggling with trying to hold up the weight with your arms... Check out the tutorial on youtube...How to use a shoulder rig from Lights Film School.
As for getting you guys and galls to talk about Cinemecanix...mission accomplished.
Specs on the C1, 5.6 lbs without the counter-weight and the shoulder pad will adjust to hug your shoulder!

From Cinescopophilia:

Cinemecanix is now on the camera gear scene with their engineered accessories, gear and camera systems to help fit, adapt and simplify the filming and shooting process.... Cinemecanix rigs can handle the little cameras such as DSLR’s right up to ARRI Alexas and RED cameras with large lenses on. Check out the Cinemecanix shoulder rigs, especially the 2 camera rig for 2 different size camera lenses allowing you to get 2 shots, 2 takes, 2 frames when shooting.

Personally, I'm a bit skeptical that you would want to put an Alexa or RED camera on the upper tier of this rig, but I really like it for DSLR setups. I mean the video really does sell it for me (as does that saucy 70's music!). Just imagine getting both your wide OTS and medium or CU in one take. That's appealing to the continuity supervisor/continuity freak side of me. And as I've previously written, I'm interested in gear that could potentially amplify the "run and gun" or organic style of filmmaking.

Considering how cheap DSLR's can be (and the fact that, let's face it, about everyone and their brother has one), it shouldn't be hard to find a couple of compatible camera/lens combos making it a 2 to 4 camera shoot. However, at $2170 for the C1 and $1875 for the C2 (the C2 being more lightweight and compact), the price point for the rig itself isn't exactly cheap. But then again many rigs start over the $1000 mark anyway.

Have you ever done this sort of a double-decker setup before? Would you be interested in trying it out?

Link: Cinescopophilia - Cinemecanix Rig For Filming with 2 Cameras at the Same Time