Birger-engineering-ef-mount-e1348967616177-224x217One of the more anticipated third party mount accessories is the Birger Engineering electronic Canon EF mount. Birger has been showing off this mount for quite some time (since NAB 2010 to be exact) on cameras like the Panasonic AF100 and the Sony FS100. Not only does the mount allow electronic control, but it was being designed with an optional follow focus accessory that worked with the motors inside autofocus lenses. Many have been waiting patiently since 2010 when it was first introduced, but it seems there are other factors at play in the release of the device. Den Lennie caught up with Erik Widding from Birger Engineering to discuss the delays:

Here's what Den had to say:

It turns out Birger Engineering are very busy developing Industrial Video systems and lucky for Erik, business has been booming. The Adaptor was his first venture into Broadcast and buy his own admission they were faced with some major challenges and so held off releasing something that was not ready or right. Fair play I say for coming clean- What he said was he is actively developing an autofocus and irs control solution for The Sony F3 and E Mount camcorders. He said it'll be available when it's ready watch this space.

At some point in the future, if Blackmagic does release a smart mount in Micro 4/3 for the Cinema Camera, you could technically use the Birger mount for Canon lenses and get similar functionality as the native Canon mount version. Camera bodies will come and go, but having the ability to adapt lenses you already own and use all of the features built-in is very important for a lot of people. If you already own a half dozen or dozen Canon autofocus lenses, being able to use them on camera bodies from other companies is essential.