Daniel-craig-skyfall-224x126Have you you ever wondered what a twenty minute montage of making a James Bond film (and the first digital one at that) would look like? Fortunately, the web provides. I'm usually rather apathetic towards Bond movies before the fact -- but this raw, unnarrated behind-the-scenes footage has got me pretty intrigued about the upcoming Skyfall. For one thing, there is some really exciting stunt-work going on in these clips, even with all the wires and safety cushions still un-rotoscoped away. And for another thing -- actually, on second thought, we'll get to that later -- these videos have been going on and off-line, and being so clearly unstable, there's really no time to waste. If you want to check them out, read on.

Although from these alternate angles you can't see much of Roger Deakins's cinematography, you are able to get a really good look at some of the production design that's already drawn comparisons to Blade Runner (and that's more than fine by me). There's also just an amazing amount of what looks like very dangerous things really happening. Even with safety measures in place, there's something only slightly secure about driving a motorcycle along the top of a wall, for instance -- a real testament to the aptitude of the stunt department as well as the value of accomplishing such feats in-camera.

And from the looks of this footage, there's going to be a good amount of other stuff to offset all that action -- stuff like intrigue, drama, and character development -- you know, that boring stuff that critics like? Just kidding, I'm sure we all like that boring stuff too. But I'd say, if the balance of action and story apparent in these videos correlates to the pacing of the film, we're awaiting a pretty impressive blockbuster in Skyfall.

Are you guys buying into the hype for this film? If you weren't before, did these videos change your mind at all? Are any of you just-plain excited?

Link: TrailerAddict

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