Gopro-hero3-front-photo-e1350482273528-224x158GoPro's surprise announcement of the new HERO3 product line included an unexpected model, the new HERO3 Black Edition, which is capable of 4K and 2.7K resolutions. Two other cameras were also introduced, the Silver Edition and White Edition, which are lower-priced versions that max out at 1080p. WiFi is also standard on all new GoPro models. You might be wondering, how much better is the image quality on this new Black Edition camera? Check out the launch video below for some samples and more information about pre-ordering the camera.


HERO3: Black Edition

Specs for the $400 Black Edition Camera (Estimated Shipping: November 14, 2012)



HERO3: Silver Edition

Specs for the $300 Silver Edition Camera (Estimated Shipping: October 22, 2012):



HERO3: White Edition

Specs for the $200 Silver Edition Camera (Estimated Shipping: October 22, 2012):


GoPro has also created a very handy way to compare all three cameras on their website. It's looking like the Black Edition is the biggest overhaul (and obviously their flagship model), but if you look at the other POV or action cameras out there, nothing can touch 2.7K resolution at full framerates, and it means that you've got some room in post to crop if you need to. The HERO3 comes with basically everything you would need to get started, and even includes the WiFi remote, so unless you're really strapped for cash or you plan on throwing the camera off a mountain, the Black Edition makes a lot of sense.

If you're having trouble telling the difference between which model is which, GoPro has gone rather subtle, and the edition of the camera is differentiated by the 3 on the front -- with black, silver, and white corresponding to those specific models. Low-light performance has also been improved on the Black Edition camera -- how much so is unclear -- but the sensitivity gets better the more you pay, starting from White and going to Black.

You can check out more information about the cameras on GoPros website, and you can also find the pre-order links below.

What do you guys think about the separate models? Which model are you choosing? Is anyone not choosing the Black Edition?