The RED SCARLET, with a Side SSD Mount and Aluminum Canon lens mount, is currently selling for $11,900 direct from RED. However, due to a project wherein a large number of Scarlets were needed to simultaneously shoot one shot, there are now a limited number of these cameras available [UPDATE: no more cameras available] with one minute or less of record time on them for $7,100 (that's $4,800 off if you're counting beans). The official word from RED's Jarred Land:

I can't tell you much about it.. but we just did a massive project with a need for a pretty special 3 second shot, so they rented a whole truckload of Scarlets from us ... more Scarlets than most people have seen in their lifetime.

None of them had more than a minute of record time. We can't sell them as new.. and the rental was good.. so we are giving you guys a one time break on these as " Battle Tested " Scarlets.

$7100 instead of the regular $11,900. Scarlet Brain, Side SSD and Canon Mount. And because I know someone will ask, you can't swap the mount to a Nikon or PL for this deal.

As detailed in the post, you will be able to add RED ARMOR (RED's own extended warranty) if you contact your RED sales rep after ordering this deal, should you desire. Otherwise this SCARLET will carry the standard RED Re-Certified Warranty of 90 days (standard for products sold as "battle-tested," which is RED's term for "refurbished" products). Get while the getting's good and let us know when it's no longer availableUPDATE: they are out of cameras at this price. Thanks Demetrius for letting us know!