Final-cut-pro-x-vs-premiere-pro-cs6-224x124In post production, I've always been a fan of the products from Adobe. I cut my teeth on programs like Photoshop 7, After Effects 5.5, even Image Ready (remember that?). But for editing, I never really got into Premiere Pro, and instead focused my attention on Final Cut Pro (from version 3 onwards). However, this year I finally made the decision to migrate to Premiere Pro CS6, as Final Cut Pro X has some infamous issues. Granted, Final Cut Pro X has come a long way, and it continues to be a true "pro" tool, but there are some quirks worth comparing against Premiere Pro CS6. Both suites are tools that should be compared objectively. Ric Lanciotti from The Pacific Northwest College of Art made this great video comparing the two editing suites. Though he takes the perspective of an educator looking for solutions for students, I think there are still lessons for all of us -- especially those of us who only edit in one suite or the other. Check out his full 45 minute presentation after the jump:

Though some points are far from news to me, I really like the pacing and visuals Ric put into this. And like I said, this video clearly has the tone of an educator looking for solutions for students, not professionals. It may be old hat for you too. However, I implore you to keep in mind that this site is called "NoFilmSchool" for a reason -- it's not anti-film school, but suggests you can get some of the same education online as you would in film school. This video is a wonderful example of that.

Some key takeaways for me:

At around 9:56 Ric mentions one of the biggest points of contention from the great FCPX backlash -- compatibility with FCP 6 and 7 projects. He mentions the 7toX we mentioned back in February, which seems to be working out well for my FCPX friends. A bit annoying that you have to fork out an extra 10-spot, but it's there.

One of the things I personally learned from Ric's video was that apparently Preference Corruption is now a non-issue in both Premiere Pro CS6 and FCPX. I've had a ton of problems with this in the past, trashing preferences is second nature to me. Working in Premiere Pro CS6, I guess I just didn't notice what I didn't notice. I'm really happy Preference Corruption may be a thing of the past.

I echo Ric's opinion at 23:17 on Premiere Pro CS6's great integration of After Effects. I just cut a :30 spot that featured a parody of those talking baby ads, and I took a stab at liquifying and warping the face myself for the first time. It was so great to jump into AE right from Premiere, and back.

This video isn't perfect, of course. I do have to say I deviate from Ric's point about "interface overload" at 11:33. One of the worst things about FCPX to me is the over-simplified interface... I actually like the interface of FCP7 a lot. I've heard other editors lament that FCPX is "iMovie Pro", and the watered-down interface is another reason why. I also have to disagree with not including Avid Media Composer in this faceoff from the get-go. Many post houses cut in Avid, and I think there's way more to be said on that front. But those qualms stated, still an excellent overview and presentation.

After watching, I find myself un-wavered in my decision to switch to Premiere. However I'm happy to be a bit more versed on the current state of FCPX. I have high hopes that some day FCP will return to the former glory of version 7... *sniff*

I'm sure there are a couple of points of view out there on this subject, and I'd like to know what you all think -- where you do stand on the divide between Premiere Pro CS6 and Final Cut Pro X? Do you Final Cut Pro X editors think it's time to move back from Premiere?

Link: FCPX vs Premiere Pro Full 45 minute presentation