Dailymotion is a video sharing service that aims to provide quality services to both its standard users (viewers) and 'MotionMakers' -- its original content creators. In compliance with this goal, Dailymotion has some rather exciting news if you are one of these MotionMakers. The site has recently announced the Dailymotion MotionMaker Fund -- its aim to split $50,000 in funding between 5 to 10 hand-picked recipients -- to enter, you must merely send in a submission form, a treatment for the project you'd like to get funded, and a bit more info displaying your creative work. Read on for more details.

I might as well let the offer speak for itself, so here is the info straight from Dailymotion:

MotionMaker is Dailymotion’s creative label. The MotionMaker program was designed to promote independent filmmakers, allow them to generate revenue, and stream their online videos in the best possible environment. Going forth with our support of the independent online video community Dailymotion USA is launching the ‘MotionMaker Fund’. The fund allocates $50,000 to be distributed appropriately between 5 to 10 hand-selected projects. MotionMakers who submit a treatment will have the chance to be selected by a panel of judges. The panel is made up of filmmakers, producers and select members of the creative team on Dailymotion’s staff. We are open to any ideas in any type of video format. This includes: short films, web series, music videos, documentaries, mashups, experimental works, etc. If it’s creative and interesting we want to help you make it!

It's worth noting again that you -- or a key member of your crew, such as director, producer, writer, and so on -- must already be an active MotionMaker to qualify. Specifically, this means having posted content within the last six months. This is probably because on the other end of lending a helping hand to quality content creators, Dailymotion plans to assist in promotional ways once selected projects have been completed. The site clearly wants to elevate itself to a high level among video sharing sites, becoming known as a home of high quality content -- and your status as a dedicated contributor, as well as Dailymotion themselves contributing financially to your efforts, are vital factors in achieving these goals. To remain eligible, you must complete and send in the submission form (to motionmaker.fund@dailymotion.com) before January 13 along with all the other necessary materials included. These materials comprise a portfolio (resume, core crew list, Dailymotion account page, example of previous work) and the treatment itself (synopsis, your project's intent, budget estimate, and so on).

I'm not personally a MotionMaker, so this offer doesn't apply to me -- but if it applies to you, don't hesitate to check it out and submit your proposal! The full list of materials to be included for proper submission are available in the PDF downloadable from the MotionMaker Fund page.

What MotionMakers reading out there have submitted, or plan to submit to, the MotionMaker Fund? Do you think this is an important gesture in the mutually beneficial relationship that video sharing services should have with their content creators?

Link: MotionMaker Fund -- Dailymotion