So you're thinking about a GoPro HERO3 but you already have a HERO2? We've seen some full 4K samples of the new GoPro HERO3 Black Edition, now we've got not only a comparison between the new and old cameras from Jeff Foster at ProVideo Coalition, but some samples of the brand new 2.7K mode thanks to Jared Abrams at Wide Open Camera. Click through to check out the comparison and some behind the scenes from Jared's motorcycle shoot.

Here are some comparison screen grabs from the HERO2 and HERO3, both videos were shot at 1080p:


Some low-light samples:


One thing is clear, it looks like low-light has been improved tremendously. This is a big deal for anyone who has used these cameras before, because traditionally the GoPros haven't been very good in lower light thanks to their smallers sensors. It's tough to tell how much dynamic range has been improved since the profile is so flat, but it does look like it is slightly better on the new HERO3. Jared Abrams has posted a new test showing off the 2.7K mode of the HERO3, which is going to be far more useful since it can shoot a full frame rate. This motorcycle parts were shot in 2.7K at 24fps:

Here is what Jared said about using the GoPro:

The Hero 3 lets you manually adjust white balance. We shot this at 5500K. The auto exposure also held up very well. I only slightly tweaked the exposure in the final video. The micro SD’s are a little annoying. I got a little over two hours with a 32GB micro SD. The in camera battery does not last very long. I would say maybe an hour tops. We had two in camera batteries and one new Bac Pac style battery and they all barely lasted a ten hour day with charges in-between locations. We had to use the older LCD Bac Pac to line up shots and that helped drain the batts, hopefully with the new iPhone update they will last a little longer.

I'm really liking what I've seen so far from the HERO3, and it definitely looks like a major improvement from the previous camera. The new frame modes, especially 2.7K, are extremely useful for stabilizing a shot, even though the HERO3 does have onboard stabilization. If you want to check out some samples of the 2.7K mode of the HERO3, head on over to Wide Open Camera. To read the rest of the hands-on from ProVideo Coalition, check out Jeff Foster's review.

What do you guys think of the HERO3 so far? Have you already purchased one, and if not, does any of the above samples have you leaning towards getting one?