Mostache-red-epic-monochrome-e1352925801610-224x229It's not often we have the opportunity to combine what we do with fundraising and awareness for a good cause -- not to mention potentially win some serious gear as prizes for doing so -- but recently, Philip Bloom has given us the chance to do just that. With mustaches. In the spirit of Movember, men allow that key area of facial hair to grow wildly and unchecked (or, finely trimmed and groomed, that's fair game too) for the duration of November in a showing of support for prostate and testicular cancer research. Now, Philip is offering a chance to win a wide array of prizes from a formidable roster of affiliates for our support. There's also a film competition, which also offers the chance to win big! Read on for more details and some of Philip's videos.

First, here is Bloom's video from 2010, detailing the sacrifice of sporting the 'stache for a whole month:

Next, here is a far more somber account of the personal importance of this type of research to Philip and his family -- and also why it's a matter that could affect any of us if enough awareness isn't raised.

To enter the raffle and be eligible to win any of the prizes, a mere $20 donation must be made to Philip's Mo Space page, or that of his team. To follow up and have your name thrown into the prize-draw pot, you must then email your receipt to a special (confidential) address. Keep in mind, anybody anywhere can donate to these, and joining Philip's team is not necessary to donate. Philip recommends only joining the team if you are planning on actively spreading the word and trying to raise further donations, but again, anyone can donate for a chance to win and support the cause. The list of prizes is incredible, and here's just some of what you could win for your show of support:

The list goes on (seriously), and more details are available at Philip's site. There's also apparently still more to be added and announced, so this is truly a win-win situation for anyone interested in getting involved. Additionally, there's a film competition, which again takes a $20 donation (think of it as a very well-meaning entry fee) and receipt submission to qualify for entry and the chance to win:

Currently the prizes for the  best films include a Kessler Crane Shuttle Pod Mini with motor/ Oracle Kit, a miller compass 12 tripod, Event 20/ 20 speakers, Rode NTG-3…More will be added and this is separate to the prize draw. To be in with a chance of winning one of these great prizes you must enter a film…a donation will just get you into the prize draw!

Films must be submitted by the 20th of this great month of Movember to allow time for all submissions to be judged. I hope we can all meet at that special place where our hearts part ways with our wallets and help to make a difference!

[Note, one of the prizes is not a Mustached RED EPIC Monochrome (pictured above), but a UK-based rental house is offering a fully-paid one day rental of it -- for all your England-bound donators out there!]