Red Giant - PluralEyes 3After Red Giant took over PluralEyes, the popular syncing software, it wasn't clear what they would do with the program or how they would support it. With the newest software update, 3.1, it looks like they are committed to making it as easy to use as possible, and bringing it to as many computers as possible. While Windows support will be coming in version 3.2, the current update addresses a few of the remaining concerns for current users. Click through to check out what they've done in this update.

If you haven't seen it, here's the introduction video to PluralEyes 3:

Here's what they've done with version 3.1, taken from the Red Giant Red Room Blog:

  • Get Avid support. Now imports and exports its synced timeline directly to Avid Media Composer on Mac, along with Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.
  • Get MXF support. Supports more professional workflows, adding native MXF support for Media Composer and Premiere Pro.
  • “Do It For Me” feature. A new set of features quickly imports and organizes your clips. You drag-and-drop the clips as ‘Takes,’ hit Sync, and PluralEyes figures out their relationship.

For all of you Avid users out there, this is great news, and it means you finally have automatic syncing back. MXF support is also fantastic. One of the issues with syncing clips from cameras that don't already give you standard movie files is that you had to convert them (at least in previous versions of PluralEyes). With the ability to take native MXF files, it means you can get started faster if you've got a very time sensitive project -- everything can remain in its native form until you export.

I will be interested to see how the "Do It For Me" feature works in practice. In theory being able to just throw everything together and let PluralEyes do the rest is the easiest workflow imaginable, so if it works as described it will be just another weapon that many of those working on short turnarounds will probably want to have in their arsenal.

To download the update and read more about PluralEyes, head on over to the Red Room Blog using the link below.

What do you guys think about this update? How about Avid users, glad to finally have PluralEyes support back?

Link: PluralEyes 3.1 Update -- Red Giant Red Room Blog