Speaking of Sony, the company has recently made another PR move -- this time via Sony Australia, and with a definitively greater amount of calculation than the Sony Japan release from earlier today. While we 'round these parts are probably focusing a lot more on Sony's pro line of digital cinema acquisition tools, there are lots of things going on in the world of weekend-enthusiast consumerism, another niche to which the company wishes to market -- in particular, their NEX series of non-DSLR interchangeable lens stills cameras. I think the idea is to make these cameras seems preferable to DSLRs in casual stills-taking contexts, or maybe not -- either way, any and all readers of this site who found it by searching for something along the lines of "DSLR cinematography," click through and see what Sony thinks about you.

Yeah. Mhmm. Oh yes. They went there. I have to say, "targeting" is certainly a piece of marketing terminology that would be aptly used here. I think we're supposed to be taking this all in good fun, because, what are we if we can't make fun of ourselves a little bit? I have to come clean -- I can't say I didn't find this one hilarious, if not ludicrous. Then again, depending on your personal reaction, maybe it's gone a little too far for comfort? And what are they actually selling, anyways? Are they trying to market these NEX cameras over conventional DSLRs (which Sony also makes, by the way) because of compact portability and ease of use, or are they trying to offer a respite from hanging out with hyper-annoying, dim-witted, motor-mouthed DSLR enthusiasts? All questions to which I welcome responses in the comments below! Here's some more, in case you need more material to make up your mind:

I think at this point, I'm just finding them hilarious as opposed to offensive -- or maybe I'm just in denial, and in my mind simply don't associate myself with the type of DSLR user these commercials are apparently lampooning. What do you guys think?

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