Pause-fest-id-2012-224x157If you jump back a few years, despite being the undisputed champions of the curation and screening of cutting edge work, film festivals' own branding and promotional materials left a lot to be desired. Those that attempted to add a video element to their identities largely relied on trailers cut from snippets of the work to be exhibited that particular year. Thankfully, a growing amount of festivals have begun treating their visual identity as a creative opportunity to express their values by commissioning new pieces of work from the artists in the fields they serve. Amongst these is the Melbourne based Pause Fest -- which opened its doors today -- who this year approached Toch Studio to create an ID for its annual Event Edition, with impressive dystopic results:

With a theme of the 'Future' as their starting point, Toch Studio worked to a set of bullet points to inform their approach:

How far in the future would you go?
What is going to happen to nature in the future?
How do you see your future city?

We, as a creative team, decided to make an evolutionary step ahead, in Art Direction and Production. Going to the Future!

We produced a short story about a post apocalyptic future, with one last man and one last way out.
Places we are all used to see fully alive, are shown like deserted scenarios now, and desolation invades our spirit

The result has the feel of a teaser for an anticipated console release. Here's the making of video the team put together:

Along with Pause Fest, organisations such as OFFF have commissioned stunning ID films which could easily stand as shorts in their own right. Have you ever created ID pieces for festivals? Which other events out there regularly inspire impressive custom made work?