Vimeo-iphone-app-screencaps-224x123Vimeo has recently announced a major update to its iPhone App, adding some elegance with a new tab-based design and features like background-uploading and native Facebook/Twitter video sharing. It also retains some of the basic browsing and managing capabilities that previous generations provided. Judging by some of the feedback the Vimeo staff is publicly receiving, though, the app may have some ways to go before it's optimally useful for busy and on-the-go users.

Here's the ad Vimeo is running along with its announcement of the update (followed by the gist of things from the app's iTunes entry):


  • Conveniently manage and watch all your videos on the go
  • Quickly search for videos from the entire Vimeo catalog
  • Discover new and amazing videos in the Explore tab
  • Upload easily from your camera roll or shoot right from the app
  • Continue using the app while your videos upload
  • Share any video via Facebook, Twitter, email, iMessage, or copy the link and share how you want
  • Watch videos from your Vimeo feed, Watch Later queue, or your uploads or likes
  • Easily like videos, comment, and add to your Watch Later queue

With these features new to version 3.0:


  • Navigate simply using the brand new tab-based design
  • Quickly view and browse videos via the brand new Feed view
  • Share videos natively with Twitter and Facebook
  • Automatically share your video to Twitter and Facebook after uploading
  • Upload your videos in the background so you don’t have to stop watching
  • Manage your Watch Later queue

All that said, there are some formerly-available features that have been excluded here. Perhaps the most major is its stats system, which commenters have made very clear is already being missed. In response to these concerns, Vimeo staffer Matt Schwarz had this to say:

Advanced stats were not working too great in the old app, and obviously we would want them to be flawless. Until we can dedicate time to making sure its perfectly awesome, we'll wait for a future release.

Additionally, the iPhone app's editor has been removed. Now, while these exclusions may hurt some users, at least Vimeo is attempting to perfect a feature before its implementation (or continued inclusion). Aside from these fairly major issues, there are complaints here of lackluster customization controls, particularly regarding Vimeo Pro and Plus enhancements -- which is understandable, because the benefits and permissions granted to paying members should be mirrored somehow in the mobile realm. There is something to keep in mind that may serve as a consolatory reminder, should any of these points have dismayed you: the full browser-based Vimeo functionalities are still accessible by using the site in desktop mode.

Vimeo iPhone users out there, how do you personally feel about this update versus previous versions? Do you agree with some of the concerns voiced toward the Vimeo staff? What are some other features you power-users out there may like to see from mobile Vimeo in the future?