Luke and the team at Neumann Films are trying to do us a favor. We in the production world aren't used to getting much for free, and that's because we don't -- but that doesn't mean the things we do get for free have to be lacking in quality. If you missed Luke's tremendous month of free music in July, don't worry, there's more professional-grade royalty-free totally costless music where that came from -- available for download every single week.


Here's the track currently available for free download (by Neumann Films' newly appointed in-house composer David Thulin), followed by a Daily Freebie predecessor from Luke himself (Update: which Luke has also made downloadable for the benefit of NFS readers):

Here's Luke on his decision to start this ongoing pursuit, which does nothing but benefit all of us:

To become a viable option for filmmakers something needs to draw you to our site when searching for music, whether that’s low prices, great music, or preferably, a combination of the two. To show just how serious we are in giving back to the community we are launching the Weekly Freebie project. A new, completely free track or sound element every week.

*All tracks in the Weekly Freebie project are 100% Royalty Free and ready to use in any commercial/non commercial work as long as credit is given as follows (David Thulin – “Song Titles”).

There's really no reason to wait -- if you need music for your club scene, your teaser, your trailer, your commercial, your 4K cat videos, whatever the case may be -- head on over to Neumann Films and stock up on some free stock tracks! Don't forget to check back each week either, you don't want to miss out on the new stuff. Luke has stated he's planning on compilation albums to back-catalog the earlier Daily Freebies project to be created and sold down the line as well.

Also, if you're looking for more royalty free tracks, Luke has a number of albums available to buy on his site -- you can check those out using the link below.