Welcome to what may be the end of a noble era in low-budget cinema. The 5D Mark II is arguably the device that turned independent filmmaking upside down, single-handedly -- and as an individual piece of engineering may be as important as any single and inexpensive video format has ever been. Since its release (and the waves it created), the camera has put the power to create filmic footage in the hands of just about anyone. Now, as such, Canon seems to have decided that the camera's work is done, because the company's site is now indicating the discontinuation of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

I'm sure I don't need to get any more sentimental about this announcement -- the implications of the news speaks for itself. Many of us likely owe our initial discovery and subsequent readership of this site to this very camera. Ironically, given the force of change this workhorse exerted on the low-budget world, this is a rather unceremonious way to break the news.

CanonRumors made the find, pointing to an "Old Products" page on Canon's Japanese site. Here's CanonRumors with the discovery:

Good-bye old friend

Canon has officially discontinued the EOS 5D Mark II. Quite possibly the most popular and influential DSLR in history.

Some stock is still out there, but it won’t last for long.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II at B&H Photo | Amazon

I'm sure everyone remembers where all this started -- and to bring things full circle, here's Vincent Laforet's seminal Reverie:

If this information can be said to mark 'the end of an era,' then the next one is surely upon us -- I look forward to what else the future holds for low-budget filmmaking.

What do you guys think of this news? Nostalgia, anecdotes, retrospection, and so on all welcome in the comments!

Link: Old Products -- Canon (in Japanese)

[via CanonRumors]