Nycspaces-224x128Chances are, if you need temporary studio space or have to build sets on the inexpensive side of things, you don't own a whole lot of free space to do so yourself. As such, you may be wondering what types of rental arrangements you may be able to make, where exactly, and perhaps most importantly, for how much? The good news is, there's plenty of non-film-centric spaces likely available close to you -- you just need a database that takes these off-purpose needs of yours into consideration. Beginning in New York City, a pro-arts organization called Fractured Atlas has created just such a database, with several other major cities having since followed suit.

Though each of the cities in question operates locally/independently of Fractured Atlas, each one is 'powered' by it, and thusly provides a very similarly feeling service -- searches are based on need of use, rate, and scheduling, and each part of the process is very fluid and intuitive. Here's a clip from Fractured Atlas outlining the system which forms a basis for the company's own NYC Performing Arts Spaces -- with thanks to Indiewire for the find:

From the looks of things, only the New York database allows for interactive scheduling, but at worst this material may give you a very strong place to start (or list to narrow down) if you're in the applicable areas. Here's more from Indiewire:

Artists can easily search by rental price, and spaces can set their own prices.  Filmmakers can look for special equipment and opportunities.  Photo studios like ACME studios, for instance, have plenty of props and various lighting opportunities.  Filmmakers who worry about sound can (and should) always check with the space first to see if there might be any issue with noises creeping in, but the Spaces Program Director Lisa Niedermeyer suggests that filmmakers take a look at spaces that are open to allowing percussion or loud music rehearsals because those spaces tend to be soundproofed well.  The calendar syncing, utilized by many spaces whose businesses is rentals, can help filmmakers browse for availability and compare sites in a last minute situation.

And here's the full list straight from Fractured Atlas:

Spaces Websites Nationwide

If you live in any of these areas and require a specialized set of four walls, it's worth a shot to try the corresponding service out. If you end up doing so (or already have), be sure to let us know how you found the experience to be. This type of resource should certainly streamline the sift-and-rental process -- and, once you've used it and shopped around a bit, hopefully expand the number of known-commodity securable shooting locations at your disposal as well.

Link: Arts Space Solutions Network -- Fracture Atlas

[via Indiewire]