Edelkrone has announced their new slider invention that was hinted at a few days ago. The new device, called the Slider PLUS+, answers the question of portability without sacrificing length. I suggested that they may be introducing a slider that can be extended non-intrusively, and they've done that, but in a way that makes the rig one of the most portable options out there without hurting performance. Check out the introduction video:

Here is some more info about the slider from their website:

  • Ultra Portable: Slider Plus is the only 2 feet slider in the world that you can fit in your backpack.
  • Lightweight: Thanks to Slider Pluses unique design it uses only half the amount of rails to achieve the extra long distances it goes. So you carry half the weight you would normally carry around.
  • Smooth Start and Stop: Slider plus moves as a whole. So more mass travels when you operate the slider. This gives smoother and very natural starts and stops compared to the regular slider designs.
  • Ready for the motorized motion control unit.: Slider Plus has a port on its side to attach the "motorized motion control module". It is convenient for repeating the same shot or time lapse projects. 
  • Longer dolly-in/out range: When shooting dolly-in/out style, slider plus gives double the range compared the regular slider designs. When you pull the camera back the rails also retracts and they don’t interfere with the shots.
  • Works both on tripods and on ground: Thanks to the 4 height adjustable knobs under the slider plus it works on ground too. Slider Plus delivers 2 ft travel on tripod and 1 ft travel on ground.
  • Quick Drag Adjustment and Locking: Quickly and conveniently adjust the amount of drag you want for better speed control. Or lock completely in any position with a flick of a knob.


So is it as big of a deal as it might have seemed from the pre-announcement? That depends, but it actually does a lot of things that much bigger and more expensive sliders can't do. The biggest thing for me is not actually the portability (though it is nice that it fits into a small backpack or carrying case), but the fact that the whole slider moves, so when you're doing a move, you can actually get much smoother motion than you otherwise would. As anyone who has used a traditional dolly knows, the beginning and end of a move are crucial, and if they aren't operated with precision, the move can really stick out like a sore thumb.

The only issue with this design is that you don't get much movement when the slider is on the ground, and that is due to the design. So in one sense you benefit, and in another you don't, as you can't do all of the same moves you normally would with other sliders out there. I think it's going to be a specific tool for people who are really trying to stay as portable as possible, but also at times may need short dolly moves. It's interesting that it's capable of delivering motion control as well, so down the road this could be a great tool for people doing timelapses. I would also be curious to see this design in a much longer rig, as you could theoretically get a pretty substantial move from a 3-5 foot Slider PLUS+.

At the moment, the Slider PLUS+ is going for $500, and the first limited shipment will begin on January 4th -- presumably with more volume thereafter.

What do you guys think? Is this something that fills a need for you? What do you think of the design?

Link: edelkrone Slider PLUS+

Disclosure: edelkrone is a No Film School advertiser.