The French electronic band M83 has been working with the directorial team Fleur & Manu to produce a trilogy of sci-fi music videos following the adventures of a group of children with X-Men-type powers. We've already discussed the first two videos, for their songs “Midnight City” and “Reunion,” and now we have the third video for the song "Wait" -- all off the album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. Serialized videos are nothing new, but the style and scope is nothing short of spectacular. Click through to check out all three.

Here is Anthony Gonzalez from the band on the project:

I love composing music and making music with pictures in my head, it’s really what’s driving me. Cinema is the biggest influence for me – even bigger than music itself, so this album is built as a soundtrack, as an imaginary film. This is what we tried to convey with this trilogy. When I first talked with Fleur and Manu about this video project it was pretty obvious we wanted the same results. I think they were the perfect directors to achieve this…

M83 – “Midnight City”

M83 – “Reunion”

M83 - "Wait"

The videos are clearly calling upon a number of science fiction influences, but it's impressive to finally see all three of them together as a complete story. They were originally conceived in this way, so it would surely have felt a bit incomplete without the final act, though all three could certainly stand on their own based on the familiarity of the genre. While the third video is a bit more out there than the other two, it's a fitting end to a series with an incredible vision.

Fleur & Manu from Paris-based production house Division directed all three, and were supported in part by The Creators Project with "Wait."

It probably helps being an M83 fan, but what do you think of the videos? Do you think the story worked over the course of all three? What did you think about the science fiction influences? Did that help you stay engaged with the story -- even when it got a bit more experimental?