We've already seen a little bit of what is possible in the After Effects plugin Trapcode, but now we've got a short called EXODUS from Magnus Östergren that was commissioned by Peder Norrby, the founder of Trapcode, to specifically show off what Trapcode Mir (a part of the whole suite) was capable of. Click through to check out the short:

Here is a bit about the process and the programs used:

Trapcode has commissioned EXODUS, an animated short film by director/designer Magnus Östergren of Potemkin. The film uses Trapcode Suite with a focus on Trapcode Mir.

Mir is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects that provides you with a polygon mesh that can be displaced with a fractal and shaded in many ways. Mir uses OpenGL so it gives very fast feedback, allowing you to experiment while getting instant results. You can download a trial HERE and start playing.

Magic Bullet Looks was also used for color correction, effects processing and film grain. 

Östergren says, "The film is set in space in an alternate universe. Logic and photo-realism are low priority but cool scenery and glows rule supreme." He also created the soundtrack for the film, explaining that, "I like the concept of 'art by accident', just letting stuff evolve, like in my music production. In Trapcode Mir, I found a great tool for this method."

The whole short used the entire Trapcode Suite, but if you're interested in learning more about Trapcode Mir specifically, you can check out some tutorials below:

You can try out the software if you have After Effects by going to the link below. Does anyone have experience with Trapcode or Trapcode Mir? If so, feel free to share any samples of your work below.