Dead-can-dance-logo-anastasis-genero-contest-224x139Dead Can Dance has been making their particular kind of mesmerizing, hauntingly beautiful music ever since I was but a tot. After disbanding for about 7 years, they reunited in 2005 for a world tour, and last year they released their first studio album in 16 years, Anastasis. Now the band is teaming up with Genero and reaching out to filmmakers everywhere to create a music video for the opening track of the album -- Children of the Sun -- and compete for a chance to win £3,000 ($4,740).


On the cover of "Anastasis," Dead Can Dance’s first studio album in 16 years: a field of sunflowers, ripened, and then blackened, by the sun, standing with sad, slightly crowned heads. Less dead than dormant, the heads and stems will one day be chopped, but then via the roots, will return. For Anastasis is the Greek word for ‘resurrection’ and the seemingly dead will dance again.

"Children of the Sun" is the album’s ‘welcome to the show’, statement said Perry. The lyric addresses human evolution and how our genetic code is infused with ancient memory, right up to the present, celebrating nature – the Woodstock generation’s legacy.

Unfortunately, instead of a "Rules" section, the contest has a bunch of Terms and Conditions legalese to trudge through. Here's what the rules essentially boil down to:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must be the copyright owner of the video and any other material appearing within it (images, logos, artwork, etc.) or have licenses for material appearing in the video that you donnot have rights to.
  • You must obtain and keep a signed Release Form from each performer that appears in your video
  • No celebrity look-a-likes/sound-a-likes
  • No inflammatory, violent, misleading, political, or religious content
  • Winning and some finalist filmmakers will be required to supply a high-resolution file (in accordance with broadcast specifications), of the video either on physical media via mail or upload via FTP within 5 days of the announcement of the winner and finalists.
  • Filmmakers retain the rights to their original video footage (excluding other copyrighted or non-original material)
  • Late submissions due to technical problems may be accepted at Genero's discretion
  • Deadline for submissions is March 4th, 2013 23:59 GMT time

If the £3,000 prize for this contest wasn't enough, selected videos will also be nominated for the 2013 Genero Awards. The 2012 Genero Awards had a $10,000 Director of the Year prize along with $3,000 prizes for 2 runners-up, and a Video of the Year prize of $5,000 with $1,000 prizes going to each of the 4 runners-up. So this should give you some indication of what the 2013 awards will be like.

Make sure to check out the Dead Can Dance project page on Genero to obtain the sound file and lyrics for Children of the Sun, and to get more details on the Anastasis album and the contest rules. It's also worth checking out the rest of the Genero site itself, as it looks to be a hub for video contests of this sort.

Link: Genero: Dead Can Dance - Make the Video for Children of the Sun