Film-fest-schmoozing-in-5-steps-pbs-224x126Even though the dust is settling on the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, that doesn't mean you can't still learn a thing or two about interacting with the folks there (or festivals like it). We had a pretty funny video from last year's festival that poked fun at this sort of behavior, and now we've got another thanks to PBS that shows us how to schmooze at a film festival in 5 easy steps. Click through to check it out and let the hilarity ensue.

The video was produced for PBS by Steve Goldbloom (who also stars in the video). He is currently the Innovation and Business Development Manager for ITVS.

While it's obviously a bit of the joke, the video does hit on some points that could help filmmakers in a future festival. Now that technology has changed a lot about the landscape of independent film, a lot of what still makes these types of events relevant is the networking aspect.

What do you guys think? If you've been involved in a festival like this as a filmmaker, what helped you network?

Link: Film Fest Schmoozing in 5 Steps -- PBS YouTube