Abelcine-expo-on-board-monitors1-224x127On-board monitors might not be among the sexiest pieces of gear on set, but they are definitely among the most useful. Whether they're used as a reference for a camera assistant or a dolly grip, the camera operator isn't able to use the eyepiece, or you've got a director who likes to hover behind the camera, on-board monitors have become essential to the filmmaking process in the digital age. But with so many different monitoring technologies, and with just as many options for these monitors in the marketplace, deciding which on-board monitor is right for your next production can be a downright daunting task. Luckily for us, AbelCine has our back.

The AbelCine EXPO Series takes an extensive look at a certain type of technology, and, as you might have guessed, their most recent expo event dealt exclusively with on-board monitoring solutions. Check out the video below for the entire 2+ hour event, which features an in-depth lecture about the various technologies used in modern monitors, as well as presentations from monitor manufacturers TV Logic, Sony, and Marshall.

While presentations such as these certainly won't be terribly exciting for everyone, it's still important for us to be aware of and to have an understanding of the technology that we have access to. That way, when we get onto set, we can be absolutely sure that we're using the right tools for the job.

What do you guys think? Which monitoring solutions have you used on your sets? Are there other brands that you would recommend other than the ones from the video? Let us know in comments.

Link: EXPO Series -- AbelCine

Disclosure: AbelCine is a No Film School advertiser.