Cloudhq-backup-evernote-with-google-drive-224x181If I haven't mentioned it yet, I basically live my life through Evernote. I discovered it in late 2011 and it changed my workflow for not only taking notes, but my entire writing process. Organizing ideas has become a whole different game, one that for me has increased my productivity tenfold. If you met me at party, Evernote and my advocation of its use would undoubtedly end up in our conversation. With Evernote's recent security scare, it made me realize: I don't actually even have files on my computer anymore -- they're all in the cloud. Well, what if the cloud goes down? I scrambled to find a solution to create a redundant backup of my Evernote files (i.e. all the notes on a screenplay I'm writing, audio interviews, photo references, etc) and I discovered cloudHQ.

CloudHQ is a cloud-syncing service that allows some of your cloud-based applications to communicate and back each other up in real-time. I've synced my Evernote to my Google Drive so that redundant copies of my notes are being created at all times. You can set it up for two-way copying, so any change made in Evernote will reflect in Google Drive, and vice versa, but I opted for the one-way backup as I only change notes inside the Evernote clients. Here's some easy instructions for how to set up a backup with Evernote:

Basecamp users can back up projects, even across multiple Basecamp accounts, including all data, messages, documents, attachments, and diagrams. CloudHQ can also help you migrate your documents from one service to another, which can be very helpful if want to consolidate data across multiple accounts, i.e. Google Docs. They have several levels of premium accounts, the entry-level for a personal account being only $5 per month. It's currently compatible with Evernote, Dropbox, Basecamp, Box, SugarSync, Google Drive, and SkyDrive.

Senad Dizdar, founder & CEO at cloudHQ defines 'real-time' and talks about upcoming features:

Other systems have schedules for their backup / replication: they start their backups / copies on daily / weekly schedules. On the other hand we are based on continuous data protection. Since I was one the lead engineers and managers in Oracle Database team responsible for backup and recovery, I understand the need to immediately replicate data and how to do it in a scalable manner and securely. So, the idea of cloudHQ is that as soon as data is changed it will be replicated to the other side. We do have plans to add new cloud services (and on-premise systems): Amazon S3, SharePoint integration, some specialize storage providers (photo, video), more email providers additional to Gmail, and couple of project management systems.
On features side, we are working on better cloudHQ for Teams: which allow teams and small companies to easily backup, replication, and integrate all their cloud storage accounts from the central location. We copy about 1 to 2 million of files a day.

An idiom my brother said to me recently has been echoing in my head: "Two is one and one is none." It's all about redundancy. As independent filmmakers, we can't afford to lose our work to chance. I  signed up for cloudHQ's entry-level plan at $5 / month, and although the 5GB that comes free with many of the cloud-storage services will probably be enough for the casual Evernote user, I upgraded my Google Drive to 25GB for just $2.50 / month (for ¢10 / Gigabyte Google can own my soul). So for $7.50 every month I feel confident going forward that all my work is redundant... again.

How do you back up your important files? Let us know down below.

Link: cloudHQ -- Website