Are you DIY-minded and looking for some useful and simple tutorials? I recently stumbled across Ted Ramasola's modest website which has a lot of simple step-by-step DIY projects that come in the form of a single JPG image. One of the things that separates Cinema Lenses from still lenses are the de-clicked aperture rings that allow for micro exposure adjustments, as well as the ability to do smooth iris pulls during a take. The older manual Nikon still lenses are a popular choice amongst DSLR shooters, and here is a method for performing a little surgery to de-click the lens. Check out the tutorial below:

Disclaimer: Attempt this DIY instruction at your own risk. I have not personally performed this lens surgery, but it seems simple enough to be worth a try if you really need your old still lenses de-clicked. I'd recommend trying it on a beater lens first to be safe.

Here is a brief excerpt from the tutorial, click on the image for the full instructions (or head on over to the site):


Ramasola Productions also has several other DIY tutorials, including a DIY Mattebox, DIY DSLR Rig, DIY Pinhole Camera, DIY LCD Viewfinder, and more. For those who need the ability to ride your iris for exposure pulls during a shot, you might also have success doing so with your variable ND filter instead. If you're not comfortable doing the lens operation yourself, you can always head over to Duclos Lenses to get your lenses de-clicked for around $60, or check out their full cine-mod service.

Additionally, here's a video tutorial from Todd Armstrong on de-clicking a 105mm Nikon lens:

Have any of you done this yourself before? Share your experience below.

Link: DIY Tutorials -- Ted Ramasola