Advertising and the movie business go hand in hand, and a huge piece of that puzzle is the music accompanying film trailers. But have you ever wondered how movie trailers get their epic scores, even though none of that music typically finds itself in the film? That's where the movie trailer composer comes in. Michael Coleman over at SoundWorks Collection is consistently producing excellent behind the scenes videos related to sound professionals in the film and TV industries, and today we've got another fantastic piece with composer Yoav Goren, who writes music specifically for trailers.

It's truly fascinating to see Goren's process and his love for the work. For anyone making music for movie trailers, I think he's got a lot of great tips for maximizing the potential reach of the trailer. If you're releasing a trailer online only, it's especially important to connect with people in the first few seconds, and a strong trailer score can absolutely do that. As he says in the clip, even if the music doesn't belong in the film, it has to fit the theme of the advertising campaign. It's no wonder that Goren is one of the best at his craft thanks to his attention to detail and his insistence on using real sounds that he has recorded himself.

The sound design that goes into trailers thanks to people like Goren is also a huge part of what gives trailers their identity, and while many also use traditional songs or music rather than a composed score, I think it's clear that it takes a tremendous amount of talent and creativity to compose music specifically for trailers and make something that complements the film and is memorable at the same time.

What are some of your favorite trailers, and how do you think the score benefitted them?