Movi-network-debut-224x155 Are you feeling inundated with MōVI updates yet? I hope not, because we have more news about how this innovative handheld stabilizing system is taking the film community by storm. Just within the last couple of weeks, the MōVI went from day player to superstar: first being announced by Freefly, gaining over a million views on its YouTube and Vimeo videos, winning a bunch of awards at NAB, holding a contest to win 2 units, and now making its debut on network TV. 

If you've been following our posts, you've probably seen the videos made using the MōVI as well as the behind-the-scenes footage of it in action. As of yesterday, MōVI videos broke 1.9 million views with just under 10 million loads. Now, just a week after its reveal at NAB, the MōVI has made its way to network TV, making an appearance on the set of NCIS: Los Angeles. It's not surprising that it got picked up so fast, since it has received an overwhelming amount of attention from filmmakers as well as winning a bunch of awards at NAB, including the prestigious Digital Video Black Diamond Award.

Here are a couple of videos that show what the MōVI can do and how it does it (thanks to Vincent Laforet for all the updates).

The winner of the first MōVI off of the production line was announced as well. 28-year-old  director Mike Ritchie of Leeds, England woke up yesterday to a direct message on Twitter informing him that he was the first winner in the contest. Here is what Mike had to say after the big win:

I’m 28 now and have been making films since I was 15. My first project was a horrendously cheesy gangster film, shot on a PD150, where we pretty much taught ourselves to shoot, direct and edit -- We had no idea what we were doing but it was a lot of fun -- I was absolutely amazed when I saw the first MōVI shots. I couldn’t wait to try it out but had no idea when or how I’d get my hands on one! This is awesome, I’ve got so many ideas for my first MōVI shoot. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Thank you SO much to the guys at Freefly.

Now, if we can all stop being jealous of Mike for a second -- check out his short film Blind. At least we can take comfort in the fact that the MōVI went to a talented filmmaker!

The second winner of the contest will be picked later this month. Remember, all you need to do to be in the running to win a MōVI M10 is follow @vincentlaforet and @freeflycinema on Twitter. I mean -- your odds aren't too bad -- 1 in 12,305 as of right now. Or, you could buy one if you like -- though rental is probably going to be the best bet for many people.

Link: MōVI’s Network Debut + a Lucky Winner -- Vincent Laforet Blog