Red-dragon-2-224x149RED is on a roll. With a stream of new products just announced, it seemed that they had done their damage for the day. However, now we've also got confirmation that not only is the Dragon finally ready, but that the Scarlet will be able to be outfitted with the new sensor. This is huge news for both EPIC and SCARLET owners alike. Read below for the scoop on the new update program.

According to Jarred Land at RED, starting Monday:

  • EPIC-M owners can pre-order the upgrade for $9500
  • Early adopters can pre-order the upgrade for $8500 ($1000 credit when invoiced)
  • New EPIC-M Dragon pre-orders begin tomorrow for $29k. Ships after existing Epic-M owners have had opportunity to upgrade.

And on Thursday:

  • EPIC-X non-early adopters can pre-order upgrade for $9500.

And here's a one of the first photos we've seen of the RED Dragon (EPIC-M) camera after the upgrade:


Jarred also recently posted about the upgrade path for the SCARLET, and much to the surprise of just about everyone, it will be possible to upgrade your SCARLET with a Dragon sensor, as opposed to having to upgrade to the EPIC just to get the sensor:

  1. Upgrade your Scarlet to Full Epic-X (including new black body) - $9500. After that.. you can upgrade your Epic-X to Full Epic Dragon through the normal Epic-X to Dragon process.
  2. Upgrade your Scarlet to Scarlet Dragon - $9500 ( keep your grey body ) Get all the dynamic range and new color science of the Dragon with a max framerate of 5K 60fps. Full specs to come soon.

Pre-orders begin this Thursday. Upgrades begin July.

While we have yet to see any actual images from the new sensor, it's only a matter of time before the interweb is flooded with them [Update: Looks like we will have to wait until after NAB to see footage.] Keep your eyes out for more announcements as we bring you info from the floor in Vegas.

What do you guys think? Is this what you were expecting the upgrade path to look like? Does it surprise you that the SCARLET Dragon is now an option? Let us know in the comments.